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Do you know how your product is really being displayed, promoted, and handled in store? Too often we see retailers trying, but failing to live up to manufacturer's expectations.

Nuvo Retail Group offers a wide range of valuable food broker and retail services, providing our clients with clarity and peace of mind. We provide flexibility and are ready to tailor a plan that suits your unique business. The details of your retail experience are critical to the success of your product and brand.

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How We Help

Nuvo will be your eyes in the field, uncovering the truth and reporting back to you via our innovative and easy to use information portal. Seeing is believing!

Some of the ways that Nuvo helps our partners sleep easy include:

New Products Sales

Product Merchandising

Product Rotation

POG (Planogram) Compliance Verification

Tag Placement Verification

Out of Stocks Product Replacement

Incremental Product Sales for Display or Promotional Activity

Speed to Market Improvement

Increase Product Distribution

Real-Time Product Data Access

Company/Store Relationship Building

You deserve to get what you paid for!

Retailers not complying with Planogram is a real problem.
We can help.

Case Studies of Our Services




½ & ¼ Pallet Display


Refrigerated Displays


Combined Head Office & Retail Coverage


National Coverage

See for Yourself with our Unique Portal System

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We live in an age of transparency. Anybody with a smart phone can instantly learn how close their Uber is, or the current whereabouts of the pizza they ordered for delivery. Yet with all of the planning and budget involved in retail marketing and merchandising campaigns, we’re asked to simply assume that the details are executed correctly, in compliance with parameters laid out in Planogram?

We don’t expect you to take the retailers word for it. We don’t even expect you to take our word for it. That’s why Nuvo offers a unique portal system where you’ll see exactly what’s taking place in-store. With just a few simple clicks you’ll access photos and information gathered by our field agents, giving you the real story of how your product is being displayed and promoted at the retail level.

See What's Really Going On

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Flexible Solutions for Your Unique Business

Nuvo will tailor a plan that works for your unique needs. Which of our brokerage and retail services can benefit your business? What information do you require? How frequently and in what regions can we be of assistance?

The only thing separating you from valuable and timely information is a simple four step process:

  • 1

    We consult with you and determine what information you’d like to gain.

  • 2

    We tailor a bespoke portal experience, providing you access to your unique section of the database.

  • 3

    We visit your retailers, collecting valuable photos and information.

  • 4

    You simply log into the portal and view the evidence of how your product is really being handled in-store.

A Tailored Plan For Your Unique Needs

Gain access to unfiltered evidence and information specific to the merchandising and promotion of your products.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Myles Hamilton

President, CanMar Foods

Our company has been working with the Nuvo Retail Group for 2.5 years. When we bought our company we immediately changed our broker over to Nuvo Retail Group. It was an immediate upgrade!

Fred Hunt and Brad Hunt have extensive experience in Consumer Packaged Goods and know the Western Canada retail market very well. They have done a tremendous job in helping us to grow our Distribution and Sales of the our brand across Canada. They have very good head office coverage and a strong data based retail coverage process that helps to measure and manage retail execution. Fred and Brad are a pleasure to work with and I have always found them to be of the highest integrity in our working relationship. I’m glad we chose Nuvo Retail Group as our go to market partner.

Frank Scanlon

President, Ascenta Inc.

The grocery industry in Canada is ever changing so manufacturers need individuals/ organizations who are hard working, candid, knowledgeable, and nimble. That is what I have found in the Nuvo Retail Group.

Nuvo is able to connect with senior management, category personnel, and most importantly store personnel to ensure that plans are executed properly at every level to deliver the best results.

Best of all when you call you can count on a friendly, Western Canadian “Howdy”. I highly recommend the Nuvo Retail Group.

Emily Baadsvik

Co-Founder / CEO, Wild Tea Kombucha

Prior to using Nuvo Retail Group, Wild Tea Kombucha (WTK) was a small business, staying small. Introducing Nuvo to WTK, has become a crucial extension of our own business. Nuvo prides themselves on maintaining a medium portfolio, which gives each brand the personalized services that are unheard of. They manage our accounts with a friendly approachable service. Unlike some brokers that spend all day on the phone, their team actually go into stores, and build relationships with each store team. We believe in doing what we do well-making kombucha. Contracting our sales force was a smart decision economically, and has allowed us the freedom to focus on building our brand, and growing our markets. Thank you Nuvo for your great service!

Rick Farrell

Western Canada Area Sales Manager, Catelli Foods Corp

Through our partnership with Nuvo Retail Group, we have enjoyed several years of solid growth on our category leading Olivieri Fresh Pasta and Sauce products. This growth is possible thanks to their highly skilled Head Office representation with Western Canadian retail customers and, as importantly, their dedicated team of sales reps who focus on strong fundamentals and optimizing in-store presence to drive sales growth.

The Nuvo team is extremely agile and regularly adapts to deliver against specific and time-sensitive opportunities and key deliverables.

They are excellent partners and we look forward to our ongoing success with Fred, Brad and the entire Nuvo team!

North American Manufacturer

Vice President & General Manager

During our partnership Nuvo Retail Group has been responsible for the delivery of gold standard field level execution through consistent retail coverage. This includes core sku distribution, innovation speed to market, display bookings and insights, through retail audits and reporting including; pricing, distribution and display. We appreciate Nuvo’s support, professionalism and leadership!

Western Canada’s Premier Food Broker & Retail Service Provider

Nuvo’s footprint in Western Canada blows away the competition, while our national partnerships provide us coast-to-coast capabilities.

Our granular approach to Western Canada means that we service the major centres, as well as the mid-sized and rural areas that provide the heartbeat for this great region.

We service a diversity of retailers, including grocery, drug, mass, club, natural, convenience & gas, liquor and discount stores.

If your product is for sale, we probably go there!

Coast-to-Coast Service

Get Western Canada’s Premier Food and Grocery Broker and Retail Service Provider Working for You.